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Johnston Charter Academy

These hair accessories have been designed specifically for Johnston Charter Academy in Clayton, NC. The colors of the ribbons have been chosen to match the school uniforms and are approved for all grades. ***This is a school fundraiser! A portion of each sale will be donated to Johnston Charter Academy! 

Bulk Shipment to School

We offer two bulk shipments to the school during the summer. All orders shipped with the bulk shipment will have free shipping. Your order will ship directly to the school and the school will notify you when it is ready for pick up.

To take advantage of this free shipping offer, please use coupon code Johnston when placing your order. This coupon code is effective until 08/29/2018. Any items ordered after 08/29/2018 will be shipped to your home and you will be charged a shipping fee. See the shipping deadlines listed below.

Bulk shipping schedule:


1st Bulk Shipment

Order deadline is 07/22/2018

2nd Bulk Shipment

Order deadline is 08/29/2018

All items are hand sewn and assembled in Apex, NC.