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Woven Headbands


These woven headbands are all handmade in North Carolina!  They will fit children and adults.  At it's widest point, the headbands are 3/4" wide.  They are made with four different strands of ribbon so they can be made with up to four colors. 

We also offer doll headbands that are 1/2" wide.  They will fit 18" dolls such as American Girl and Our Generation.

On every item you will have three different choices:

1) Girl/Adult sized headband
2) Doll headband
3) A matching headband set with one girl sized headband and a matching doll headband

**These matching sets make an AWESOME gift for any girl that loves her doll!!  Consider any of these headband options for a great party favor idea, too!

These items are all handmade in North Carolina!

If you do not see the color combination you are interested in or if you have any questions please e-mail!